About CDI Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship combines learning at a college/training provider with on-site experience to give apprentices the right mix of technical and practical skills

The benefits of taking on an apprentice

There has never been a better time to offer apprenticeships, with one in five employers hiring more apprentices to help them through the current economic climate. You will be getting a keen, motivated member of staff that wants to learn and help your business to grow. In fact, 80% of employers say apprentices have made their workplace more productive. Our Construction Work Experience Programme can help you to see how an apprentice could be good for your business. All CDI's apprenticeship training is developed in consultation with the industry, meaning an apprentice will learn the right skills for the job.

Apprenticeship for the students

CDI are the largest provider of apprentices for the construction industry, with over 20 years’ experience of developing skilled workers. We aim to make taking on an apprentice as easy as possible by convincing the employers to fund your travel and one lunch at site Employers in India may also be able to claim some experience if they have not recruited by the employer who rendered the apprentice training a 6months apprentice certificate both from the employer and the CDI. You will learn the practical skills from the industry working closely with the industry