About CDI

Contractors Development Institute (CDI)

Contractors Development Institute (CDI) is a constituent unit of National Academy of Construction (NAC) parented by Builders Association of India, CDI is a unique training institute in entire Asia established in the year 1999, to train contractors, builders, engineers, architects, technical, non-technical staff and new aspirants of construction business in disciplines of managerial, financial, contractual, techno-logical and commercial etc. The CDI striving hard to professionalize the construction industry by providing perennial capacity building processes such as diversified training programmes, workshops, seminars,conference etc, to all the stake holders of construction industry. CDI has trained 100 of thousands of candidates in the above areas from the day of its inception. CDI is a constituent unit of NAC and managed by the Builders Association of India, We would like to introduce National Academy of Construction the NAC was established at the initiative of the then AP Government for bringing overall development in the standards of the Construction Industry in India. Construction is one such area where technology is developing at a very fast rate. Hence one needs proper understanding of the technology and importance of proper training. Starting with one centre today with target of training 1,00,000 technicians per annum. Apart from this its operations are reaching the nooks and corners of municipal areas, and also beyond sea sparing no hard ship and hindrance, one of the emerging technologies in every field of Civil and Construction Engineering/technology “Better together” for Ideas and inspiration Evidence and intelligence Conversations and connections Influence and leadership . The institute has ventured in to training of need of the hour areas of industry i.e. green building technologies and management practices, affordable housing and infrastructure, latest trends international construction business etc. The institute conducted and conducting many workshops and seminars on burning problems like GST (Goods and Services Tax on work Contract), Provident Fund, ESI, Labor laws, Contract Act, Arbitration and latest technology in construction industry from time to time.


  • To improve the working skills of contractors and his staffby way of conducting training classes.
  • To build public confidence in the construction industry by advocating ethics in the business through transparency and accountability.
  • To protect the professionalism in construction field buy eliminating the unhealthy competition among the contractors.
  • To develop the patriotism in each contractor through teaching the history our country.
  • To regulate safety procedures , by way of issuing the guidelines for avoiding the loss of lives or property at construction sites and also enhance the welfare of workers.
  • To regard workers and technicians as the key resource for construction industry.It shall support and establish training institutions to train workers and technicians.
  • It also develops the new contractors by way of giving training classes.
  • To establish healthy and cordial relationship between the client,the contractor and the end-users,so that all construction projects are completed without any time or cost over-runs by providing training classes.